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All concerns, questions, and answers about Syndrone go here.
Sell and buy items, art, and miscellaneous services here.
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  • All buying threads go here.

  • Sell your art for items and currency.

  • Raise money for whatever you are questing.

  • Give away items or grab something free here!

  • Come test your luck in the casino!

  • Have a service to sell that isn't art or writing? Want a way to make coils that doesn't involve posting or art? Take a look around for some ideas on making your own shop!

Find out more about your fellow Synners in these forums.
  • Let other users ask you questions!

  • Mostly for conversations that fit nowhere else or silly topics.

  • Create your own niche in the hangouts forum!

  • Discuss roleplaying in this forum. You can start or find roleplays in the 1x1 and Group subforums.

  • Includes subforums for music, TV, etc.

  • Show off your art of any kind here, including writing or music.

  • Though there are no subforums, feel free to talk about anything that may not fit in the other forums.

  • Post your nonsense here! Yeah!

If you're having issues with school, or just want to discuss your studies, post here!
  • Are you a human calculator, or do you need help with math? Here you can discuss mathematics and help others.

  • Talk about technology and discuss science here!

  • Discuss ways to treat your body and mind right.

  • Do you enjoy psychology, sociology, or history? This is the forum for you.

  • A friendly place for people of all faiths to talk about religion. You can also talk about the history of religion and ancient/fictional religions here.

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